How IKEA Flatpack Furniture Grew the Massive Business?

How flatpack business grew so massive?

The Swedish home furnishing company is among the largest in the world and that’s no coincidence. By large, we mean their business is simply huge and that’s not only capital wise. IKEA furniture has been in the home inventory market ever since the distant 1943!

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How to Paint IKEA Furniture – DIY Painting Tips and Know-how

How to paint IKEA Furniture - paining and coating tiips

“Can you paint IKEA furniture?”
– Yes you can. But you need to prepare.

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How IKEA Flat Pack Furniture Thrives and Evolves?


As an established leader that delivers distinguishable home furnishing, IKEA constantly pushes the boundaries of its potential as a company and the potential of all its product and services.

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What is Flat Pack Furniture? Pros and Cons (With Pictures)

What is flat pack furniture to Ikea man

Flat pack furniture is also known as “READY-TO-ASSEMBLE units” (RTA), “KNOCK-DOWN FITTINGS” (KD) and even “KIT FURNITURE”.

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9 Pieces of Furniture and How They Got Their Names


Have you ever asked yourself the question of why your favourite place to take a nap and a break is called a sofa? And where does the name hammock originate from? Let’s explore the history of some peculiar furniture names and learn how they were implemented throughout the ages.

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