Fantastic Furniture Assembly Services

Whether you’re looking for London furniture assembly, disassembly or delivery services, Fantastic Furniture Assembly provides the services you need to get your furniture up and ready to use as quickly and conveniently as possible. With years of experience, the fantastic team of professional furniture assemblers knows exactly what needs to be done. That’s our collection and delivery services are hard to beat. Not only that, but Fantastic Furniture Assembly offers great services seven days a week at some of the best prices in London.

Which of the Fantastic Furniture Assembly Services in London do you need?

  • Your IKEA Assembly & Reassembly done – our London furnishing assembly service is quick, professional and hard to beat on price. We’ll come any day of the week, always have spare parts and just the right tools to give you perfectly assembled flat packs in no time. Our furniture assemblers know exactly what they’re doing with all kinds of flat pack assembly. Setting up a new nursery or arranging your new patio furniture – we’ll get the job done quickly and with expertise.
  • Your IKEA Delivery home– we know that many of our customers simply don’t have the time for IKEA collection and delivery of flat pack furniture. To figure out obscure instructions and rummaging in the bottoms of boxes for that missing screw is a burden we are here to carry. The same is valid for collecting and transporting your furniture and that’s why we will carry your IKEA pick up and delivery in a safe and timely manner. Pick up gives you time to get on with the important things in your life, while we see to get your furniture collected, delivered and at your disposal.
  • Furniture Disassembly & Dismantling – whether you’re moving home, trading in old furniture for new or simply needing to get a piece of flat pack furniture back into its flat form. The London furniture disassembly team knows just how to take down all sizes and styles of furniture in ways that keeps the structure usable and leaves no mess. The fantastic team knows all the tricks of the trade, and while you’ll find plenty of companies in London willing to ‘give it a go’, there’s no beating the professionalism and experience of Fantastic Furniture Assembly to disassemble your furniture properly.

Book a Service with Fantastic Furniture Assembly

For being interested in our services, we’ve made it incredibly easy to get in touch with us. You can call us any time on 020 3404 3325 to speak to a customer adviser. We’re always ready to answer whatever questions you’ve got regarding any Fantastic Furniture Assembly service. We’ll also be happy to offer you a free, no obligation quote on whichever service you’re looking at – so why not give us a call?

You can also talk to us online using our handy web chat feature or book an appointment by filling in our simple, quick online booking form. Just tell us about what it is you’d like us to do and we’ll send you a handy professional to tackle it. And with all our services, early bookings or bookings of more than one service at once can often mean we can offer you great additional discounts. Contact us today to find out more.

* Fantastic Furniture Assembly is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by IKEA or any other furnishing retailer.

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