Frequently Asked Questions & Information

You might find plenty of furniture assembly information on the instruction booklet of a piece of flat pack furniture, but it can be hard to make any sense of it. Here are some of our top assembly tips, as well as some of the questions we get asked most frequently about our services, and about flat pack furniture in general.

Furniture Assembly Information

When putting up a piece of furniture, it’s important to do your homework before buying. Take measurements of your room space, making sure to leave a little ‘wiggle room’ for the furniture. It’s also worth checking the measurements of doors, hallways and stairwells before assembling a piece of furniture. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a desk together only to find that it won’t fit though your study door!

Another big tip is to count out all the parts before assembly. You might be able to replace a part that’s missing, although this isn’t ideal and inappropriate parts could damage your furniture. Fantastic Furniture Assembly provide a full range of screws, washers and other replacement parts so that if there is anything missing from your flat pack, your furniture will be just as strong and complete as if there wasn’t.

Also, use appropriate tools. While a butter knife might be the closest thing to hand, what furniture assembly services provide is a professional assembly that gives you strong, fully stable furniture. You should aim to do the same, and this means tools that fit exactly, the right techniques – and definitely no butter knives.

Fantastic Furniture Assembly FAQ

Why bother with professional furniture assembly services at all?

There are a few good reasons why our customers choose our professional services. One of them is time – if you’ve got a busy job, family commitments and little free time as it is, Fantastic Furniture Assembly can get your furniture up in no time, leaving you with more time for other things. Another big plus with using professional services is that you’ll get a well put together piece of furniture that, assembled with the correct tools and to a very high standard.

Can I put furniture together with a few pieces missing?

It’s really best not to. Furniture flat packs are usually very carefully designed to work well as a complete structure, so if there are bits missing here and there, you might end up with something that doesn’t have the strength or durability it’s meant to. This is another advantage of using Fantastic Furniture Assembly – we’ve always got spares, so you can be sure your furniture will be as strong and rigid as it’s meant to be.

Do Fantastic Furniture Assembly provide the same assembly quality as factories?

We provide a very high standard of furniture assembly that may well be better than factory assembly. While it’s impossible to measure exactly, you can be pretty sure that our furniture assembly services are the best way to get the most out of your flat pack.

Can I keep disassembling and reassembling my furniture?

Some flat pack furniture is designed to be disassembled if necessary, but this isn’t a process you should go through often. The materials, connectors and fabric of furniture is weakened every time you take it apart and no matter how carefully you do it, if you disassemble and reassemble a piece of furniture on a regular basis, you may well find it starts to squeak a bit.

How quickly can I put up my furniture myself?

It should be possible to put any piece of flat pack furniture up without professional help – after all, that’s what they’re technically designed for – but it could end up taking a long time. The instructions on many more complex pieces of furniture can be difficult to follow and if you make a mistake, it’s always better to go back and correct it. You might be able to get your furniture up, but Fantastic Furniture Assembly will get the job done an awful lot quicker!

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